A Decision Has Been Made

The plane and supplies are secure and the guys will be heading towards home tomorrow morning.  The harsher than expected weather conditions and equipment failure helped lead to this decision.    Even though the decision is disappointing, the program is not considering this a failure.  Here are the thoughts of our program director. 

While this is somewhat disappointing, it in no way indicates failure; on the contrary, I would call this a success.  A lot of work and sacrifice was put into making this happen and shows the commitment of everyone to do what needs to be done to get the job done, even when that means making the hard decision of stepping back  and re-evaluating when new information and circumstances come up.  Our chief pilot purposely designed this trip keep safety first and not commit to flying the plane out until all things could be evaluated and that is what is happening.  Well done. “

Thank you for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for their travel home.  In a day or so, you will get to hear all about Noel’s trip from Noel.   Can you also pray for our housing situation?  We have a lead on an apartment that I was suppose to follow up on today but the lady is not answering her phone.  Pray for God’s will as I try again  tomorrow with our language teacher’s help to connect with her.   We are hoping to move this month if possible so we will all be set for the winter season.

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