America Here She Comes, Ready or Not.

Yesterday about 4:30 as Noel, Winter and I were in the kitchen getting breakfast, we started hearing booms in the distance.  Just as I was wondering what the sound was, Noel recieved a text that there was fighting right in front of the airport.  This is Kabul.  Winter and Noel would not be heading to the airport as planned.  Thankful that they were still at home and not on their way to the airport, we settled in to wait for more news.  Noel was on the phone figuring out what to do, both for him and Winter.  Winter took a nap.  I logged  onto Facebook.  As the morning went on, Pactec delayed its flights and then canceled them since they would not be able to complete their flights before sunset. One call said the airport was open.  Another said it was closed.  Finally we received the all clear for Winter to head to the airport and that it was open.  Word was out that the airplane would take off soon after the airport opened.   At this point, we were not sure what to do.  Winter was suppose to be traveling with teachers who are on a different security than we are but then changing all her tickets for the rest of her journey would be crazy.   I had been on Facebook with another family trying to leave so Noel called the dad.  They also would be overnighting in Dubai and leaving the next morning.  And yes, they would be willing to have Winter stay with them and get her to her flight in the morning.   They were in route to the airport and Noel and Winter were soon not far behind.  Noel was able to take Winter as far as the international terminal where the Pactec Passenger handler helped Winter get to the waiting area and she joined up with our friends.   The mother said they looked like the VanTrapp family with one son carrying a guitar and another a ukulele and then Winter with her violin.   The ISK teachers arrived soon after and we were able to stick to plan A. The plane ended up leaving about 2:00 in the afternoon. (Note: not right after the airport opened but who knew?)  They made it safely to Dubai and Winter was able to enjoy some Cheesecake Factory for supper with ISK teacher friends.

Winter was ready to go and so we are glad everything worked out.  We saw God’s provision and grace in so many ways.  Winter and Noel were still at home when the fighting happened.  Our security guy was still in town and on top of things.  Our friends didn’t even think twice about including Winter into their plans.  Just one example of how life works here among our community.   Our ISK teacher friends made it so Winter has her traveling companions at least until she hits Houston.   On a Pactec side note, the Pactec guys were able to get lots of needed maintenance done so today just need to get caught up on all of yesterday’s canceled flights.

Winter’s next leg is this morning from Dubai to Houston.  There she will connect to Nashville and be there for the summer with Noel’s parents.  This summer she hopes to get her driver’s permit, get some work experience, eat some good food and have fun hanging out with family.  David and I will join her in August with Noel coming in September.

Pray for Winter that she will do well this summer and enjoy her time with family.  Pray for good work opportunities and success on her driver’s written test.  This third culture kid had to ask me what the shoulder of the road was.  🙂  Pray for God to work in her and grow her to be more like Him.   Here is my prayer for her.

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