Early Morning Adventures, Henna, and Fabric Shopping

Trying to stay in shape this summer, my neighbor friend and I meet two to three mornings a week to exercise.   Since my friend has two little girls, we exercise at her house.  Since we exercise in the early morning, I usually go over the wall to save time and not wake anyone else up.   The video we use says we should be shredding off pounds.  I guess we will see.

On Monday of this week, Winter, some friends and I went to the Delaram salon which is run by Afghan ladies who are deaf.  I received a much needed hair cut and my first ever facial.  Winter and her friends decided to go for the henna tattoos.  Notice each design is different.  It was a fun morning outing.

On Tuesday Winter’s friends came over and put some finishing touches on their visa applications.  They also had a good time trying on Afghan outfits and dancing.

Today Noel and I went to a bazaar with our chaikidor to get some fabric.  On outings such as this, I usually wear a long coat as well my scarf hoping to blend in a bit more.  These outings always give us an opportunity to see a different part of Kabul.  Today we were lucky to find the fabric we needed.

Lastly a post is not complete without a picture of David.  David has been enjoying swimming in the pool next door this summer.  He even helped get it all cleaned out for a birthday party they were having today.

Hope you are all having a good summer.  T

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Adventures, Henna, and Fabric Shopping”

  1. Looks like everyone (except Noel) is having a new or fun adventure this summer. Glad your summer is going well. We miss everyone. Give all our love,
    Nana/Linda Fouts

  2. Thanks for sharing the very fun pictures! I don’t think I have ever seen the henna tattoos on the palms. Are they some times done on the backs of hands/fingers?
    Love and miss you guys!

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