Election Run Off This Week

Noel has been in the states with us for a week now.  We are enjoying time with friends in Texas and are currently housesitting for friends who are on a mission trip.  Thankfully, the weather has not been too hot.  Noel and Teresa have enjoyed morning walks and just spending time together.  Winter has enjoyed getting caught up with friends, attending her friend’s graduation tea, and canoeing.  David has enjoyed lots of basketball and swimming and of course hanging out with friends.   Yesterday Noel and I had the privilege of having lunch with three couples that are either currently working overseas or have worked overseas.  It was fun to hear their stories and to learn from their experiences.  The other ladies’ enthusiasm was contagious.  Noel still has one and a half weeks with us here in Texas.  Tomorrow we hope to go to a water park, and this Friday Noel and I will celebrate our 22nd anniversary.  So far, Noel’s time has been restful helping him regroup before going back.  Today he is doing some computer work which he claims is fun.

This Saturday the 14th, Afghanistan will have its runoff election.  A candidate has to have a majority of the votes in order to win.  If anyone is curious, here is a link to an article about the two candidates.  (Note the article says the runoff was June 7th but that was changed to the 14th. ) Both candidates seem to have their good and bad points.  We are praying that the voter turnout will be as high as the first election with no violent incidents.   We are praying for protection for the candidates and also the election workers.  Personally I am praying for rain since the Taliban seem to like to be mean on the sunny days more than the rainy ones.  Additionally, we pray that this election will show the people that they have a choice.  If they have choice to choose a leader politically, maybe they will feel more free to choose a new leader spiritually.  We are also praying for the pilots and mechanics who are still there.  They are doing lots of flying since this is our busiest time.  With wives gone, it can be tempting to work, work, work so balance is good.

The election results won’t be out until sometime in July.  Hopefully the transition will go smoothly, and things will be quiet.  Our plan is still for the kids and I to return in August in time to start school.

Thanks for your prayers.  Teresa for the Fouts

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  1. I’m thankful ya’ll are able to be together, especially as you celebrate your anniversary. I’ll continue to be in prayer for safety and peace in the times of separation. Blessings, Cathy

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