Flying a Desk

img_4209I am in flight ground school all week.  Pilots sometimes call this “flying a desk”.  It is detailed, exhaustive, and long.  I have class from 8 to 5 then I have about 3 hours of homework and studying in the evenings.  However, the material is interesting and it is all very useful.  Below are the various topics I am studying. – Noel

– MAF Aviation Operations Manual
– Standard Operating Procedures and Checklists for the Cessna Turbo 206
– Take off, Landings, Approaches, and Climbs
– Emergencies and Forced Landings
– Search and Rescue/Survival
– Aerodynamics, Flaps, High Altitude Operations
– Aborts and Braking
– Weight and Balance
– Loading and Securing Cargo
– Fuel and Turbo Systems
– Safety Philosophy
– Terrain Flying
– Airstrip Evaluation
– Airdrops

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