Happy Birthday David

img_1422Today is David’s 10th birthday.  It is hard to believe he is that old.   To celebrate we took David out to eat and then watched a new movie that his Nana and Papaw had sent him.  On Saturday, he is going to have a couple of friends come play for the day.  Then in the evening, we will have the team over  for an Afghan meal and blackberry cobbler.   Moving to Tajikistan was a big move for David.  As a mom, I am proud of the way he has adjusted to his new school and taken charge of his learning.  He also has been a big help to me in the kitchen.   When we have team meetings, he often plays with Eli and Abby so their parents can concentrate better on what is going on. 

People always ask, “What do your kids think of all this?”  David had to write a paper for school and he graciously said I could post it.  Here it is….

Moving to Tajikistan

            It was finally happening.   After months of planning, my family was moving to Tajikistan.  I had an idea that moving to Tajikistan would change my life.

            On the flight, I was thinking about how I left my friends back in America and already I missed playing with them and talking with them.   It made leaving America harder.  Although I missed home, I had fun on the flight too.  I watched movies on the back part of the seat in front of me and I ate my first airline meal.  I ate chicken kebab, salad, and piece of chocolate cake for desert.  We were on the plane for what seemed like forever but it was only 10 hours.  Even though it was exciting on a big airliner, I was feeling frustrated, sad, and mad deep down in my heart.  On the outside though, I was full of excitement and adventure.  It was not only my first trip overseas, I was moving there. 

            My first week in Tajikistan was exciting, but also lonely.  I was around grown-ups most of the time and I didn’t have anyone to play with.  I only had my Legos.  I also had more responsibilities to take on like feeding the cat, washing dishes, walking to school with my sister, and getting non at the non shop.  By these things, I became more independent, and I tried to do more stuff on my own.

            Looking back on this experience, I think everything that has happened to me has made me look at the world differently.  I appreciate friends more than before, and I became more responsible.  Now I know that Tajikistan has changed my life.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday David”

  1. Thanks for posting his paper! What an amazing, intuitive kid. I can’t believe he’s 10!! Happy Birthday David. Have a great time being 10.

  2. David, I loved your paper about moving to Tajakistan. I know the move has changed your life, but it has also changed our whole family’s lives. We are learning more about the Central Asian peoples and customs than we would have learned otherwise. I love you all. Nana

  3. David, you are a perceptive young man. We miss you and your family greatly, but we are also very proud and thankful for who you are becoming day by day and week by week.

    Love and hugs to you. Please pass them on!


  4. David, you are such a good writer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY #10! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you.

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