Healthy Living and Marriage Enrichment

Thursday our day began learning about staying healthy overseas.   As you know anywhere you live preventive care is over half the batte.  Eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest are essential to good health.   We also learned about all the diseases you could get and how they can be prevented or treated.   We drilled the doctor and nurse with lots of questions and enjoyed our time talking with them. 

After lunch, we head in vans to Boise where we started our marriage enrichment time.  There are 6 couples in our training and we began the afternoon learning how each couple met and proposed.   Our time was spent between listening to a video series and discussing the different issues affecting marriage.  Ladies, did you know that men have a “Nothing Box”.  Have you ever asked your husband what he was thinking about and he said, “nothing”?  I have.  Sometimes I can get insecure wondering about what I think he is really thinking about.   The truth is, he is actually thinking about nothing.   Noel was reminded that as a woman my mind never stops and I can often switch from topic to topic no problem.  Didn’t God have a sense of humor when he made men and women? 

Teresa Napping During Break
Teresa Napping During Break

Friday we continued learning about marriage.  Humor was present as we dealt with some tough topics such as forgiveness, emotional triggers, listening, and love languages.  One of my take aways for the day was to be a better listener- not only with Noel but with everyone I communicate with. 

A highlight of our week was carpooling with a couple who is from the Netherlands.   We enjoyed hearing how God has called them to MAF.  We discussed what Holland is like and also what has been hard for them to adjust to in Idaho.   I am inspired by their dedication to God and am glad to have the opportunity to interact with them.

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