A week ago my school shut down due to security. Since then my brother and I have transitioned to homeschooling.  At the moment, our work load only consists of math, PE, and science until the rest of our curriculum comes.  While we are learning many of the same things as last semester, there are a few differences because of our switch to homeschooling this semester. Instead of leaving the house at 7:30 to make it to school by 8:00, we have thirty extra minutes to spend together reading, eating breakfast, and doing a morning devotional.  Around lunch time, we have the time to take a break to watch a show while we eat. Lastly, while school still starts at 8:00, it only ends after our work is completed.

There are many pros and cons to this turn of events.  With homeschool, we don’t have to cancel school for the day due to security or holidays and we can work at our own pace.  Also, if we finish our work early we have more time to ourselves or to spend with friends.  However, we couldn’t say goodbye to our teachers or classmates and while David and I could switch to homeschool quite easily, many of my local classmates will be hard pressed to find such a solution to finish their education this year.  In the end, it makes me thankful that I can continue my education. Please pray for us as we still have a few things to work out. Pray also for our national friends who will soon find out about the school closing.  Winter.

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