In Case You Ever Wonder What Our Week is Like

On Friday which is our day of worship here in Kabul, Winter and I headed to the community center hoping to get there in time to get a seat. Noel and David had been there since 8:00 that morning. Noel was helping lead worship and David was in charge of the slides for the songs. If you had asked me what time service started, I would have told you ten but somehow Winter and I were there an hour early. But in God’s providence, we were suppose to be early. Winter ended up helping watch two little ones whose parents were practicing for worship. I ended up being an extra pair of hands for a friend who had gotten sick all of a sudden. Our dear friend Cassia had become violently ill. Since she was feeling too ill to head back home, our friend was put on tooshaks (big afghan cushions) in a warm room of our pastor’s house. Next a call was made to Dr. Bev who came and checked her out to make sure it was not appendicitis or something that needed treatment. Not quite sure of her diagnosis, Dr. Bev sought a second opinion from another doctor who arrived early for worship. So Cassia had basically two house calls much quicker treatment than you could have in most places. We were glad to find out that she did not have anything serious but just a nasty virus. And after two days of rest and much prayer by her friends, she was back at work. It is a blessing that there are at least 3 doctors who can be called for help if we need it. Then to add more excitement to our day after church, I came home ahead of Noel to get lunch ready. I was getting my lettuce iodined before beginning when Noel called to see if we had enough for guests. I said we did. Then I looked in the cupboard for the beans I was going to use for the taco salad. I guess my brain was having a few glitches that day since there were no kidney beans. Luckily our guard graciously went to the bazaar and bought me a few cans. By the time, Noel and the guests arrived lunch was almost complete and we were able to enjoy a lunch together.

On Saturday as I was putting on my coat and shoes to go wait for the driver, I smelled something electrical burning. I looked over at the inverter that regulates the voltage for the house and saw a light on it that I had not seen before. As I called Noel to see what to do, I investigated further and found that the light was for low voltage. Following Noel’s advice, I turned off the inverter and had the guard turn off our city power. I left for school since there was nothing else I could do about the situation. That same day at lunchtime, it began snowing heavily. As students were changing classes between buildings, snowballs were flying left and right. Towards the end of the school day, I received a call from Noel informing me that they could not make it back into Kabul. Noel and the other pilot would be overnighting in Farah at a military base. Not to worry. The military was very hospitable feeding them well and giving them a tent to sleep in. After hearing Noel describe all the food he ate, I was surprised his pants still fit. I did appreciate the Otis Spuckneiker chocolate chip muffin that he brought me. To make matters more interesting on my end, I still had a faculty meeting to go to, was not sure about my electrical situation, and the snow was still falling. Noel had our friend Mark come check out our electrical on his way home from work and he found it all to be working. This was a major praise. The kids and I also made it home safely. David built us a fire in the stove and we settled in all snug for the night.

On Sunday, we had less drama but were very excited that Noel made it back into town and home to us.

On Monday, my neighbor and I went to the first ever PTO (Parent teacher organization) meeting at ISK. It was interesting to hear the vision that the Afghan parents have for their children and the school.

On Tuesday, quiet day. 🙂

On Wednesday, we had a couple over for supper that is looking at moving from another program to here. I had made a Chicken and black bean chili and decided that corn bread would make a great edition. Right before I put the cornbread in, I tasted the batter. Something did not taste right. I decided to go ahead and cook it and then test it again. Sure enough something was off. It was either the corn flour or the honey. Luckily naan is easy to get even though it didn’t go as well with the meal as corn bread. We enjoyed our time with the couple who have been with MAF for many years. After supper, the ladies of Pactec all gathered together to have a time together with the wife of the couple and let her get to know us better. It was a nice time of fellowship and prayer.

Today, finally a day to sleep in a bit. We all slept down by the fire. I had a bible study with some other women in the community. We are starting the book of Nehemiah. For lunch the whole Pactec team gathered at the pizza oven house to have pizza and to continue trying to charm the visiting couple. The afternoon was spent relaxing and doing things around the house. So I would not say that this is a typical week but I would also say our life is never dull.

May your week be blessed.  As for me, I am looking forward to what this coming week will bring my way.  TJ

2 thoughts on “In Case You Ever Wonder What Our Week is Like”

  1. Wow! You have had quite a week! The snow looks beautiful! (It was 72 here yesterday, and the kids were running around in shorts and complaining about the heat!) Your perspective of submission to God’s plan for your week is inspiring. Maybe I can try a little of that this week, too!
    Love and miss you guys!

  2. Every time I use the remote to turn on the fireplace, I will think what a luxury this is and that very few people in the world have this luxury. May your winter be short. Love you all!

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