July and Ramadan

The heat and Ramadan are upon us here in Afghanistan.  Life has slowed down until Eid (the 3 day celebration at the end of Ramadan).   Most offices are opening early and closing early.   Things get done but at a much slower pace.  Thankfully we were all moved in before Ramadan began.  Except for Winter’s room, we are settled in.   So I thought I would give a brief update of our summer with a few pictures thrown in.

We moved as I said before. We are on the other side of Karte seh now in a quieter neighbourhood and no guards blocking the entrance to our house.  The yard is great and we have been spending more time outside.  We even have a pizza oven that Noel is learning how to use.

I am actually hoping to meet my new neighbours during Eid.  It is a bit awkward visiting during Ramadan due to your host wanting to serve you tea but needing to fast.  So I am looking forward to delivering some sweets during Eid and introducing myself.

We are short on pilots this summer but God has provided extra mechanics.   One family who used to be a part of our team is back for two months this summer.  He is a great mechanic and has already been a big help.  At the end of the month, an intern will come in for a month and will be staying at our house.  David has been enjoying the family being back in town.  They have four boys with one of them the same age as David.   Elijah, the boy David’s age, has been at our house as much as his since he arrived.  It has been a blessing to see how God has provided friends for David this summer.

On the 4th, our team plus the RMSI team (remote medical solutions)had a barbeque with homemade ice cream for dessert.  Here are a few pictures of the event.

One of the pictures is of the RMSI team.  The lady in the middle is from Poland and this was her first 4th of July.  Last summer, RMSI was responsible for helping our team member Larry get safely to Dubai when he was having trouble with his liver.

David and Noel have had lots of bonding this month.   They did much of the moving and heavy lifting for the move as well as getting everything set up on this end.  Here is a picture of them putting together a new desk for the office.  The challenge was no instructions were included.

David also learned how to mow the lawn last night.  Our chaikidors usually do all the yard work but we thought it might be time for David to learn a new skill.  Plus,it gives the Chaikidors a bit of a break from some of their work during this hot, tiring month.

David and I have been taking language lessons this month.  David goes once a week and I go twice.  I am working on not only speaking but reading and writing.  Some days I feel like I am making progress and other days my brain has trouble comprehending what my teacher is saying.  Last spring, I took a special language class where I learned words that relate to praying and other similar topics.  I have been trying to work on these words and sentences so that when ladies come to my house, I can pray with them in Dari.

It has been a good break for me from school.  I have had time to reconnect with other ladies on the team.  Every week two other ladies and I are getting together to discuss a book we are reading.  It has been fun to share and have someone to be accountable to as we try to live out the principles of the book we are reading.

Less than a month and  then David and I will meet up with Winter in the states.  Winter is enjoying time with both sides of the family, working on her driving skills and getting some work experience.  We miss her but know this a good experience for her.I am walking better and almost normally with shoes on.  Without shoes, I still have trouble.  Exercises are helping but my foot stills needs to regain some mobility.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  Looking forward to seeing many of you in the Fall.  Blessings. T

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  1. Thanks for the newsy update and the pictures! Love hearing how things are going!
    Love and miss you guys!

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