Life According to David

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What is a typical day for David?  David usually wakes up at 6:30 and starts getting himself around.  By 7:00, he is ready for breakfast.  Sometimes it is just mommy and him since Dad is at the airport and other times Winter joins them.   After breakfast, David either fills water bottles for his mom or goes outside and shoots hoops while waiting for his ride to school.  He enjoys his ride to school with the other kids.   David has 15 kids in his class.  With David, there are more boys than girls.  Right now he has a substitute, since his teacher is in the states with her husband who was evacuated for medical reasons.  With the exception of David and another boy, all the other students are Afghan.  Some were born here and others were born in America and other places.   David’s favorite part of his school day is lunch and recess.  David’s least favorite is writing. 

On Wednesday the kids had a field trip to their Substitute’s teacher’s house for a pancake party.  The kids are reading Little House in the Big Wood which is the first book of the Little House on the Prairie Series.  Many of the students had never had maple syrup so it was a fun cultural experience for them.  David had 10 pancakes so I wasn’t suprised when he didn’t eat much for lunch or supper. 

His school day ends at 3:00 and he is home about 3:30 due to car line.  I bet you thought car lines were just an American thing.   As soon as he gets home, he is at his homework so he can get back outside and play.  You see he has a good friend next door that is hurrying to get his homework completed so he can come out and play also.   Soon the sounds of children playing can be heard as they are jumping on the trampoline next door or throwing things over the wall.  One weekend night David and his friend Nico slept out in the play house next door.   Usually by supper time they are covered from head to toe with dirt. 

After supper, it is usually family time.  Sometimes Noel and David will play basketball.  Other times we will play games or I will read on a book to the kids.  David has especially enjoyed the library at his school and will read for about a half hour to hour before bedtime.  

David likes our new home.  He especially enjoys all the new friends he has made.  So far his adjustment is going well.

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  1. Great to hear how well David is doing! Rebekah really misses David especially, but we all miss all of you!
    Love you!

  2. Glad to hear David is adjusting well and enjoying himself. How is Winter doing? I miss hearing about her. Sometimes I’ll see one of her posts on facebook.

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