Naw Ruz 1394

On Tuesday morning, I received a text informing me that there would be a Naw Ruz (New Year’s) party at the office that afternoon if I wanted to attend.  Winter, David, and I walked up to the office at 2:00 to join in the festivities.  The party had lots of speeches by the different department heads, and then we had cake.   Winter and I sat quietly tucked away in the women’s sections while David held his own at the men’s table.

This is our 6th Naw Ruz celebration.  We moved just before Naw Ruz five years ago.  As I looked around the room I saw many familiar and some new faces.  I noticed Massoud, who was our neighbor’s chaikidor, but who is now in charge of the chaikidors.  I smiled as I saw others who have worked hard at continuing their education in order to have a better job.



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