News from the Afghan Front

Tonight we have been busy getting everything ready for Noel’s return with Nana and Papaw.  As my day comes to a close, my mind wanders to the events of the day.  This morning foreign workers on their way to the airport were victims of an explosion.  They all died.  How do I feel?  I did not know them.  In many ways, I am numb to news like this.  It is like it is far way even though it was just on the other side of Kabul.   Maybe it is denial.  In other ways I am sad.  Each act of violence is a step away from peace.  Am I scared?  No, not really.  I am not careless in my movements but I am still going to and from work and living life here.   As I get ready to go to sleep for the night, I try to figure out in my mind where the balance is.  It is not healthy or God-pleasing for me to panic and get all upset when I hear of each attack.  On the other hand, each person who died is someone made in the image of God our creator.  How can I not mourn and lift this grief up to God?  How can I not continue to pray for this land and this people I have come to love?   How can I not continue to teach my students praying that God will work in them to change not only their lives but the lives of all who live in Afghanistan?

Continue to pray for me for Afghanistan and its people.  Pray also that Nana and Papaw’s time here will be peaceful and they will be able to see what life here is all about minus the excitement we sometimes have.    Teresa

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