Odds and Ends

Last week was a long one for us.  On a postive note, Winter and  David had no school because of fall break.  They enjoyed  time at home playing, reading and even went to a friends’ house  one afternoon to play.  Their parents were a little under the weather most of the week but we managed to have a few fun outings.    One day we had  lunch at SFC (Southern Fried Chicken) which is a favorite for Winter and David.   Then on Saturday after brunch with our team, we took the kids bowling.  We had good time but we won’t post our scores.   Language learning continued for Noel and I  even though the kids didn’t have school.   David asked the  teacher to stay for lunch one day and had his own private lesson. 

It was a good week  language for me  (Teresa).    I  am starting to feel more comfortable with the language and class has been less stressful.    Thank you for your prayers in this  area.  Winter and I went and got our hair cut last week for the first time since moving here.  While Winter was getting her hair done, I had the opportunity to practice language with a girl who was waiting to get her hair done.   She is a student who is studying business and knows English and German besides Tajik.  Our hair cuts turned out well which was good considering we were depending on my  tajik for communication.  I also was able to use my language skills and some sign language to get a discount card at my grocery store.  Another team member had one and so I thought I would ask.  In the states,  I hate those cards but here it seemed fun and it gives you 5% off your bill.    Every little bit helps. 

Noel leaves tomorrow with another teammate to go help fix an airplane in A.    They will have a long challenging car ride to the location where they will meet up with one of our team in A.   Keep Noel and the other guys in your prayers as they travel and fix the plane.   I will try to keep you all posted on their progress when I get updates.

Lastly I thought you would enjoying seeing the view I had this morning as I walked home from Winter and David’s school.


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  1. You know we are praying throughout each day for Noel and for the rest of you!
    The picture is gorgeous! What a view!
    Love you guys!

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