Our Thanksgiving (2015)

IMG_3314Last Thursday our team gathered together here in Bamian to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The team from Kabul was also able to join us for the weekend.  We were excited to find turkeys, and Noel even smoked one of them for our dinner.  Due to one of our team  going on a treasure hunt to the Bush Bazaar, we were also able to have sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.  So if you didn’t know where we were, you would think that our meal was a pretty normal Thanksgiving meal.


After our meal and before desserts, the children entertained us with some songs they had learned and also did a song with handbells.  Then they recited their verses for the year so far.  In school, they are learning a verse to go with each letter of the Alphabet.  After desserts and getting the table cleaned off, the kids went outside to play in the snow.  Yes, we had snow.  Not much but enough to play in and throw a few snowballs.  The guys went downstairs to play ping pong, and a few ladies went on a walk.  Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed a time of worship and a group game.  Even though we all miss our family, it is blessing to have a team that has become like family.


On Friday, we enjoyed a lazy morning, and then most of the team went on an afternoon walk.  Due to the snow, one of the walks was a little more adventurous than originally planned.  I went on a shorter walk with a mom and toddler.  We spent most of our time by the stream throwing things into the water and then headed back to my house for some tea and leftover pie.  It was really great to reconnect with the team that still lives in Kabul.


As we look back on the year, here a few things that we are thankful for…

  • Family and friends who reach out to us through email, iMessage, Facebook and Skype.  We even get real mail once in a while which is a real treat.
  • The beauty of our new city and the ability to go on long walks through potato fields and aspen trees.
  • Our school here and the opportunity to be a part of its beginning.
  • That God is in control of our flight permissions.
  • We are very close to getting our US Air Operators Certificate which will help up with the next steps here.  The timing and speed of this is a miracle.
  • Winter and David are loving their schools and the new friends they have made.
  • Our marriage and the fun time we have had this fall cooking, reading, and doing other things together this fall.
  • For a team who takes care of Teresa when Noel has to layover in Kabul.

I could go on and on.  It has been a hard fall but good.  We see God working in and through us.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Many blessings as we begin this Advent season.  Noel and Teresa

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