Pactec High School

When one door closes, another opens.   Three days a week two friends of Winter and David’s join us for our homeschooling.  Some classes I directly teach, and for others I am just the guide to keep them on track.   For some subjects, I am element and for others like English, I am scratching my head as I try to grade their handwriting.  Our day starts off with a grammar warmup and personal finance and ends with Biology and English.  We even have a recess in the morning.  I tell them it is because they need the fresh air and a little exercise when the truth is it gives some time and space to myself.

Having N and J join us three days gives us a good balance.   Winter and David get their social time in and are challenged by their classmates.  I get two days where I just monitor the kids HW leaving me time to do other things.  Our school gives me extra time with Winter and David before they leave the nest in the fall, and I still get to teach.

Here are my students.   Winter and N are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as they do their work.  I tease them that they look like a grandma and grandpa with their blankets over their lap.  Then there is J and David.

Last week, Winter and N were suppose to dissect a sheep brain.  Where do you find a sheep brain?  Why the bazaar of course.  I actually had to buy the whole head.  My chakidor couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to keep the whole head since people actually like to cook and eat it here.   He did happily take the head minus the brain as a gift  for his hard work in procuring our sheep brain.   Our brain was probably not the same quality as the ones that have been prepared for dissection but I think Winter and N had fun and learned a few things.  I guess we will find out how much they learned tonight when I grade their anatomy tests.  Next week, we are suppose to dissect an eye so maybe I should have kept the head, but I really couldn’t see keeping it in my frig or freezer.

Many blessings, T

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