Parents Weekend

Remember in college when they had parents weekend so your parents could see the college and find out what you were doing there.  We had our own unofficial parents weekend.  On Friday both sets of parents had a tour of MAF headquarters, hearing about all the in and outs, and even getting to see the new Kodiak that will be dedicated at the beginning of May.   Our time has been spent eating good food such as breakfast at the Sunrise Inn, Nana’s spaghetti and meatballs and Grandma Knouse’s fried chicken.  One of my favorite parts has been listening to our parents’ conversations.   Their comarderie is a blessing and we have had much fun. 

Today we took them to our church while here in Nampa.  We were encouraged by the worship time and are excited about the series on I and II Corinthians that the pastor is teaching.  David then finally was able to take his grandparents to his favorite eating place called Port of Subs.  It is a sandwich place that has a fun atmosphere and delicious deli sandwiches.  The kids spent the afternoon playing games with their grandparents and then Noel and I played Skipbo with them.  Our evening ended with Nana and Papaw at their hotel saying good byes and spending time in prayer before their departure early tomorrow morning.

We are thankful for our parents and the way they have encouraged us in our Christian walk all of our lives.   We are blessed that they have been champions for us as we prepare to go to Central Asia.

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