Spiritual Formation

The past few days have been very busy for us and full of lots of information.  My favorite session today was on Spiritual Formation.   On the field, we will have physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.  At that time, I will need to decide how to respond?  Will this break me or will I allow God to use this situation to transform me?   The speakers gave us time to reflect and think about what restores us.    I wrote that worship, praying, journeling,  a good cry and exercising are often part of restoration for me.  In the last year I know my accountability group has also been key in keeping me on track. 

We also took time to remember a painful or difficult time.  How did I respond?  What did I learn about God and His Character?  During this portion, I realized I sometimes am strong but other times I am tired and weary.   It was also clear to me that God is often nearest to us when we feel the lowest.   I was also able to praise God for His grace, gentleness, and faithfulness.  In many ways, this last year has been hard for me.  I have often been outside of my comfort zone.  I have seen myself being ugly.  I have felt empty.  On the other side, I have experienced God’s strength, his redemptive work, and His filling.   – Teresa

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