Tajikistan from Winter and David’s Perspective

I asked Winter and David what they like and don’t like about living here.

Winter doesn’t like the milk or that the weather is hot.  She does realize it is not as hot as Texas but we only have air conditioning in the dining room where we hardly spend anytime.  Winter does like the taste of filtered water better than the water in the states.  She also drinks more water here.  She enjoys taking care of Ashes, the dog that came with our house, even when she has to make the dog food herself.  Lastly, she likes the pretty outfits the ladies wear here and can’t wait to get one of her own.   She also would like you to know that she is having fun.

David doesn’t like the heat either.  He also doesn’t like that  his stomach is still adjusting.  David  likes walking almost everywhere and riding the buses.  He loves looking at the various water fountains that you see around the city.  Lastly David likes playing the game Mancala.  He is slowly getting his sister addicted to it too. 

From a mom’s perspective,  Winter and David are doing great.  We sometimes have our challenges with food but we sometimes had those in the states.   They both have been a big help in the kitchen with dishes and getting ready for our meals.   They are also enjoying getting to know the other members of our team but don’t necessarily enjoy it when a meeting goes long and they get bored.   

Below are some pictures of our family in front of the few fountains we have seen.  Teresa


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