The Move

Moving is always a lot of work whether you are moving near to where you live now or farther away.  Our team is in the process of moving some of our families to a more remote, safer area.  The town is a little higher in elevation so will be a bit cooler.  They will have more freedom to move about, and the town even has a park the kids can go to with their parents.  The pilots and mechanics will be rotating into Kabul while the moms will be busy starting a new school this fall.  The ladies will also have opportunities to volunteer at a local orphanage or a language school there.

Now to get to this town, you have two options.  One is to go by road which can be dangerous, or the other is to go by airplane.  The families load up all their belongings into a container.  The night before they leave, their container will be picked up and put on a truck headed to their new location.  Here is a picture of one family packing up.  The guy in the photo is one of GSO guys who helps our families with maintenance and other things such as moving.

april 10 april 12When moving, you pretty much take everything even the carpet.

april 11

Ladies, can you relate to this.  What do you do when your little one wants you but you need to get things done such as packing?  It makes for a tiring day but Zac did calm down and eventually fell asleep.

april 9

As their belongings where heading to their new location, our friends were heading that way via airplane.  Their flight was only 30 minutes while their container took a bit longer.   How many people can say that they moved by plane?  What makes it more interesting is that that the dad flew the plane with just his family.

Pray for the families already there as they settle in and get to know their new neighbors.  Pray for Noel as he is responsible for making the flight schedule with all the rotations in and out.  Pray for the 3 families that will move in May and June.

Just in case you are wondering, Noel and I are staying in Kabul.   Staying here will make it easier for Noel to do his job as he schedules flights, etc.  Also our house will be a one of the houses where pilots can stay when they are on rotation.   At this time, there will be four families staying in Kabul.  On a fun note, the ladies who are staying have started a Beth Moore bible study, the book of James.   It will give us a chance to get to know each other better and grow in our faith together.

Many Blessings, TJ




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