Update on the Cleft Lip Project

Thank you for all your prayers for last week.  The team screened almost 60 patients and were able to perform surgeries on 38 of them.  That’s a lot of surgeries for one week.  The team of medical professionals that came in were top notch.  They worked long days to help make a difference in their patients’ lives.  One thing that was special about this project is that my students and I were able to be involved.  Most everyday my students spent two to three hours just playing with the kids at the camp where they were staying.  I was excited to get to join them a few times.  It was a blessing to play with the children and to talk with their care takers.

Noel enjoyed getting to transport many of the patients from their towns to Monrovia and then back home.  This was the first time pretty much all of them had been on a plane.  On Saturday I was able to fly with Noel to take some of them back home.  They did a great job flying even when we had a little turbulence.


Little Elijah below was so excited about  his shoe box.  Elijah was one of those that wasn’t able to have surgery.  The doctors found out that he had a heart problem so the surgery would be life threatening.  This was disappointing but it was also a blessing.  Now his mom knows why he has been sick so much.  We are praying for a way to him be treated for his heart condition.

15370099_10153916952781809_8856000247755394584_oHere is a link that does a great job of sharing some of the stories of the patients who had surgery.  Click here.

Thanks again for your prayers. Many blessings as you celebrate this holiday season.


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