Waiting For the Election Results

We were so excited that election day was relatively peaceful and that 70% of the Afghan people came out to vote.  Tears came to my eyes as I saw pictures of women standing in line in the rain waiting to vote.   Our first day back at school, two of my Seniors proudly showed me their ink-stained finger which was how the officials tell who has voted.  Now we are waiting for the results.  There are two front runners so the word is that there will be probably be a run off.  The preliminary results may be out as early as next week but who knows.   We pray Afghanistan continues to make history by having a peaceful transition of power.  Most of all, we pray that God will continue to work in the hearts and minds of this people.  True change can only come from God through his son Jesus.

In the meantime, life is falling back into a more normal routine.  Families are coming back in.  The pilots including Noel are flying people  to our different airstrips around Afghanistan.  ISK has started back up.  The kids and I are still homeschooling but spend part of our day at ISK.  I am helping out with Physics and PreCalculus until the end of the year.  Since Physics has Seniors, I will finish with that class on Thursday.  It has been nice to see some of my students from last year and spend time with them before they graduate.  One of my top students from PreCal last year is going to Harvard.  I am very excited for this opportunity for her.   Next school year, I will be back to teaching 4 High School math classes with Winter and  David both attending ISK.

This Easter has been special for us.  On Thursday evening, our family was able to participate in a Seder supper.  It was a time for remembering the passover and how Jesus fulfilled the passover.  Then on Friday morning, some of our team and others from the community gathered at our house for a Good Friday service.  The room was packed with maybe room for one more person to sit.  It reminded me of what it might have been like for the disciples and others in the upper room except we were on the first floor and using a keyboard for our music.   The service was simple and included scripture reading and worship songs.  Due to the events of the past month, this was the first time that we have gathered as a bigger group to do worship.  Worshipping with others is something that I can often take for granted.  I am learning how precious it really is.   For Easter Sunday, our team will gather together and enjoy a meal and some fun.   He is RISEN!!

May your Easter be blessed.  Teresa

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