We Made It!

We arrived at our destination at 3:30 am Monday morning.   It was a long trip but we made it.    The kids enjoyed the movies on the long leg from NYC to Turkey.  They couldn’t believe the movies were free.  The hardest part of our trip was the long layover in Turkey.  We spent the time napping, reading, practicing our dari and playing games.  Our teammates joined us in the afternoon, making the rest of our time there go by faster.  David is our best traveler.  He was able to sleep when he was suppose to sleep and seemed to adjust well.  Winter had a hard time sleeping on the long leg but was able to get caught back up on our layover.   

We were also able to make some fun memories.  In NYC a Turkish girl took us under her wing and helped us all get on board and in a timely manner.  In Turkey, David and our teammates’ one year old boy thought the moving sidewalk was grand entertainment.   Also in Turkey and inTajikistan, both our family and our teammates were blessed with help from some guys from Texas who were traveling our way.   It was also good that  we were able to get through customs relatively quickly and all our luggage arrived safely. 

Today was a whirlwind of getting registered, cell phones, internet, learning where the closest bazzar, ATM, and money exchange is.  We’re also recovering from jet lag.

Thank you for your prayers. We will post more tomorrow about our time here so far.  Teresa


2 thoughts on “We Made It!”

  1. Yea! God answered our prayers for helpers along the way, safety, and ways to pass the time. We are SO GLAD to hear that you are there and settling in! We will continue to pray.
    Love, The Medleys

  2. We pray for you all daily. I enjoy your web page and Teresa’s musings.



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