Where are the Fouts?

At the moment, we are in Hendersonville, TN spending time with Noel’s family.  On Saturday Noel’s sisters and their families will be here so it will be one crowded house but one happy reunion.  We made it safely to the States on June 4th after standing in way too many lines.  Our first Sunday, we so enjoyed soaking in the worship at Bluegrass Baptist Church here in Hendersonville.   Then on Monday we headed to Iowa to help prepare for my Dad’s memorial service.  It was a week of family, love and tears.  The service was a reminder of how much Dad was loved and how important believing God’s promises is to our lives.  We even got to spend some precious time with long time friends who drove up from Texas to be with us.  On Sunday, Noel, the kids and his parents left me in Iowa and headed back to Tennessee.   I stayed with mom one more day just because.   It was precious girl time playing tennis, playing scrabble, looking through her cards and attending  church.  Now I have rejoined my family in Tennessee.  Our week has been full of errands, doctors’ appointments and the  dentist.  On Tuesday,  Noel and I went out on a date to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.  Can you believe I have been married to my Prince Charming that long?

Pray for Noel as he gives a 5 minute talk as part of the service here on Sunday that he will speak the words God wants him to say.

It is good to see family and friends face to face.  Here is a picture of Noel and I right before our “date”.  Blessings, Teresa

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