Winter’s Graduation-Kabul Style

David, Winter, Teresa, Nathan, Josiah
David, Winter, Teresa, Nathan, Josiah

It’s that time of year-graduation time.  Yesterday our family gathered with the family of the other two students I am homeschooling to celebrate Winter and Nathan’s graduation.  Our ceremony was a time of sharing with the graduates our blessings and congratulations.   We started off with awards for Pactec High (homeschool).   Winter received the award for  hardest working student as well as future mom/teacher award.  Nathan gladly received the strongest award which was given for getting the most pushups (my form of discipline at our school).  He is also the most likely to be a future Secretary of State.  David was our future businessman partly due to wiping us all out in the online stock game we were playing.  Josiah was named our future scientist.  Each person shared during our time together.  I was able to affirm each of my students and give them three words of advice for next year.  The parents and brothers each gave a tribute to the seniors.  Just know, a few kleenexes were used.  Winter and Nathan then gave a tribute to their parents.  We ended with officially announcing Winter and Nathan graduated and Nathan’s day praying a blessing over them.

graduation 2

Of course a party is not complete unless you have cake.  After our little ceremony, we had delicious chocolate cake with homemade ice cream.  David had made the senior’s favorite ice creams (mint chocolate chip and Mexican chocolate) for the event.  Later on, we enjoyed a nice meal of lasagna and salad.  It was a nice afternoon/evening together with friends.

On June 2nd, Winter will be flying back to the states with another family on our team.  She will spend the summer in Idaho living with her former youth leaders and working at headquarters as a babysitter.  In August, she will begin her first year at Liberty University in Virginia where she will study American Sign Language.  You can see my tribute to Winter here.  Pray for Winter as she spreads her wings this next year.

Also pray for flight permissions.  Ours here expire at the end of the month and we are still waiting for an answer from the government.  Blessings, TJ



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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time wish I could have been there

    Love Mom and Grandma

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