Winter’s Project

Here is Winter’s completed quilt.  When looking through some old curtains, we found some fun material.  We then had the idea that Winter could make a quilt for her room.  She combined this material with some old buttons and some other material we had.  Since we didn’t have a sewing machine, our friend Becky graciously let us go to her house and use hers.  In return, one day we helped her put up a border in her boys’ room.  It took us three times because the first two trys the border did not stick but the carpet glue on the last time worked great.  I guess that border won’t be coming down anytime soon.  The quilt was a fun project for Winter and I to work on together but I must say Winter did most of the work.   Her next project was going to be a quilt for her brother until I found a ready made duvet cover for him for $4 at the Bush Bazaar.  So who knows what she will work on next?

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Project”

  1. Winter, I love the quilt. The colors go great together and it will brighten up your room.
    Teresa, Did you all put up a wallpaper border or a carpet border!!! Wish I had thought of carpet glue when I had borders in my house.

  2. Nana, We actually put up a regular wall paper border. It was suppose to be one of those that you soak in water and after a few minutes the glue is activated. Didn’t work that way. As soon as it dried out, it fell down. We used carpet glue because my friend had some in the house and wanted to get the job completed.

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