40 Day Celebration

img_0987Traditionally in Central Asia, a new baby and mother will not leave their “haveli” for 40 days after the birth.  This gives the mother and baby time to bond.  After 40 days, relatives and friends can come and see the baby.  This is often a big celebration.  We were invited to a 40 day party on Tuesday.  It was a feast which began with trays of fruit, nuts, salami, cheese, and bread.  Next came somosas, then goat soup, then finally osh (rice cooked in oil).  There was also music and dancing.  During the feast we paused to pray for the baby and family.  The baby was then tied into a special cradle and candy was thrown to the guests to represent good health for the baby.  We were able to make new Tajik friends and practice our language skills.


2 thoughts on “40 Day Celebration”

  1. How fun! I love somosas — what are they filled with in Central Asia?
    I’m praying for you guys 🙂

  2. Somosas here are filled with meat, onions, and maybe green peppers and potatoes. They make a quick, cheap lunch if you happen to be at the bazaar. The kids like perogies (I am not sure of the spelling). They are pockets of potatoes and onions. Thank you for your prayers. Teresa

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