img_1016Meet Gulzoda.  She is our house helper and a huge blessing.   The people who own the house we live in asked if we would continue employing her.  We agreed knowing it would be a big help both to her financially and to us.  She helps with dishes, food prep and general house cleaning.   Her help gives me more time to study and practice the language.  We have enjoyed Gulzoda.  She has a great smile and is very quiet.  

Today she had a new dress on so we decided to take a picture of her.  She insisted that Winter be in the picture also.  As most of the women do here, Gulzoda loves to wear bright colors.   Winter had accompanied Gulzoda to the bazaar today and came back with lots of wisdom on how to get the best prices and produce.  It seemed to be an enjoyable experience for both. 

Often at the end of her time, she will sit and practice speaking tajik with me.  Sometimes it will be just making sure I am pronouncing the words correctly.  Other times we are finding out about each others families while practicing the new words and phrases I am learning.   I have learned that she is in her late 20’s, single and lives with her mother and father.  She has 3 brothers and one older sister and 15? nieces and nephews.   She enjoyed looking at the pictures of my family and finding out who they were.    I hope to enjoy more conversations with her as my vocabulary expands. – Teresa

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  1. Thanks for the introduction! Now we can pray with a face and a name in our minds.
    Love you!

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