A 65th Birthday

Last week David and I attended the birthday party of a friend who just turned 65 years old.  I met Maria who is from New Zealand 2 and a half years ago at an orientation class when we were both first new to Afghanistan.  Since then I have been able to get to know her better through a bible study we both attended on Thursday mornings.   In her time here, Maria has learned dari, helped run the IAM guest house and now works at a medical clinic.  She is example both to expats and Afghans that God can use people of all ages and it is never too late to start.   Her party was a way for her to serve the Afghans and a few of the expats in her life.  Before we ate tons of good Afghan and western food, Maria gave a speech in both dari and English on her journey here encouraging all of us. The sad thing is that she will have to leave after this year.  Being 65, she can not have a long term visa to work here unless she is here with her children.

At her party, I was able to talk with some of the Afghan ladies I knew and meet a few more.  It was a good time to reconnect with them and see how they were doing.  By the time, David and I left my brain was tired from speaking and thinking in Dari.  It makes me appreciate my new students who for the first time are having to speak and learn in English all day.  It is not easy but for them being at ISK is a great opportunity.


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