Connie’s Visit

We finally had our first visitor from America.  Mom came in July and stayed for 3 weeks.  She adapted quickly to life here even with the calls to prayer early in the morning and having to wear a head scarf when she was out.   For three weeks she lived life with us as we kept house, visited friends, and shopped.  Since respect for your mother and father is very important here, all our local friends were very excited that mom had come for a visit.  When she had to go home, they thought her stay was too short.

Most days we spent around the house even playing a few scrabble games here and there.  One night we ate at my friend Aquilla’s house to break the fast with her family.  Aquilla wanted my mother to experience authentic afghan food.  It was a great way for mom to experience true afghan hospitality.  Since the family all speaks English, we didn’t have to translate and were able to speak in English.  Mom also had fun experiencing shopping here in Kabul from ladies coming to my house to show their wares, to going to Chicken street and the Bush Bazaar, and even shopping for second hand clothes from the Karachis with Winter’s friend Lina.

Mom’s last weekend here, we flew up to L’al for a day and a night.  Mom enjoyed flying up by Noel as we headed to La’l and was proud that she didn’t get sick.  In La’l, we had tea with a lady who works there and also did some hiking.  We enjoyed a quiet afternoon just being together and then dinner with another family who works in La’l.    It was good to get away for Kabul and breathe some fresh air.  Since it is cooler there, we slept the best we had in days.

So thank you mom for coming to visit and making our summer even more memorable.

Here are a few pictures of mom’s stay.

So whose up to coming to visit next?

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