A Brief Look at Our Summer Days

Every one knows that Noel has been keeping busy both flying and fixing planes but what does the rest of his family do all day.    Teresa tries to get up before Noel leaves so she can get some reading and computer work done in the cool of the morning.  Lately she has enjoyed doing some blogging at TJ’s Musings (note: at this address I do not share who I am or where I am living since it is not a password protected blog) .  Soon Winter and David are up and after sharing breakfast and psalm get started on their tasks for the day.   These tasks includes daily chores but also projects for others.   One project we just completed was creating a data base for an English teacher friend who is storing her four action packers full of books with us.   She now can find the title, author, how many copies and the reading levels of each book.   Another project was helping sort through PACTEC’s containers deciding what should be sold and what should be kept for the people coming in the fall.  Winter and David ended up with some books and were excited about that. 

Some mornings you will find us baby sitting when a mom needs to work or go shopping in the city.  Other mornings you will find Winter, Teresa and friends exercising while David helps entertain the younger ones.   Of course, there seem to be many play dates especially for David.  Lately the kids have been spending a lot of time using a Ripstick that someone brought them from the states.  This has been a blessing getting them outside even when it is hot.   Some days are full and others seem sort of lazy but that makes for a good summer.  As July is winding down, Teresa is beginning to look at what she will be teaching in the fall and how she wants to organize her classroom.  David can be found playing legos and reading.   He loves to play the Wii when his mommy lets him.  Winter seems to find plenty to do.  She still reads a lot and also can be found sewing on the machine or by hand or even  doing some crocheting.    We enjoy that Noel gets home at a good time since he goes in early making it fun to spend the evening together before bedtime arrives.  

Now that you know about us, feel free to drop us a note and tell us about your summer.

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  1. Love reading of you schedule! It is great training for your kids to be helping others regularly. Thanks for sharing!
    Love you guys!

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