Pedicure anyone?

Okay I am almost embarrassed posting about a pedicure but if you lived here you would understand.  By the end of a Kabul summer, your feet are cracked and sore and in need of repair.  So a friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a hair cut and pedicure at a salon closer to city center.  Our driver dropped us off at a house that had no sign indicating that this was the place.  We went in and were guided to the right spot.  Soon we found ourselves seated and getting our hair cut.   What is amazing about this place is that most of the work is done by deaf Afghan women.   I am always a little nervous getting my hair cut at a new  place and just a little more so when  the person can’t hear me.  It might not have helped if she could hear me since I may not know the dari word for what I needed to say.  I was glad to see that my  hair turned out well.  I even went with a  shorter cut.    My friend had her baby with her and one of the ladies graciously held her during the process.  The baby almost ate her first cookie before the mommy realized what was happening.   Next we were ushered to another room where we had our pedicure.  It was fun to relax and talk as they worked on our feet.  My favorite part waswhen my lady massaged all the tension out of my feet.  Before we knew it, we were done and on our way home feeling like new women. Now the question was would our husbands notice the difference?

3 thoughts on “Pedicure anyone?”

  1. Even if they never notice the hair or the feet, they’ll be glad for the stress relief!
    Love you guys!

  2. I agree…I want to see the new “do”! 🙂 I’m so grateful you had the opportunity to pamper yourself a bit.
    Blessings, Cathy

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