A Different Kind of Eid

Here in Afghanistan, Eid is a three day affair.  When it exactly starts, no one knows until the day before, when the mullah sees the moon return.  Eid was officially declared to be Friday, Saturday, Sunday.   We have school and work off until Tuesday which gives us a much needed rest.   Due to demonstrations and such, we have stayed pretty close to home most of the time.  It is sad how one man’s freedom to burn the Koran can cause so much problems clear across the world.   Today was a pretty calm day and we were able to visit a local family for Eid.   I had met the family while helping my neighbor Erika serve them lunch one day.  They, of course, insisted that our whole family come visit at Eid.   Due to security, we were not able to go until later in the day.  We all packed into a van Afghan style and head to the national’s house.  After parking on the street, his son guided us through a maze of buildings to their home.  It was a quaint Afghan home with many plants and the room were decorated very Afghan which means lots of bright colors.   We enjoyed a couple of hours of talking and eating the food put in front of us.  We had a little qabli, some pound cake that had cardemon in it, and many other goodies.  There was plenty of tea to go around and Fanta for the kids.   We could also tell what a difference our language skills are between this year and last.    Last year at this time we could understand maybe a tenth of what was said.  Today we were able to follow the conversation much better.  It did help that our friend is used to talking a little slower for us foreigners.  In a week where things have seemed a little more unsettled, it was good to be around an Afghan family who considered themselves part of the Pactec family and made us feel welcome.  It was good to get out of the house and be a part of the culture.   Blessed Eid to you all.  Teresa

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  1. It sounds like a great visit! Praise God for His enabling in language skills and His protection of you!
    Love you guys!

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