A Glimpse at Our Thursday

As most of you know Thursday is our Saturday since the day of worship here is on Friday. Someone asked me to give some glimpses of our life here so here is a glimpse at this Thursday.   We sleep in until about 6:30 and wake up to the sun shining in our bedroom window.  With Noel getting up before 5 most days, he has a new definition of sleeping late.   Noel takes charge of breakfast.  He  makes omelets for the kids and I contribute the toast.   Our eggs come from a local lady who brings us 2 dozen each week.  Some weeks we go through them quickly but this week we are behind so will be eating a few more eggs in the next few days.  About 8:00 a few team kids come over to hang out with Winter and David.  Their moms are going to play in the weekly volleyball match.  Since I am still on the mend from being sick, I decide not to play volleyball today.    The morning is playing  legos and Kelly dolls and then a movie.  Two of the girls even help me grate the block of mozerrella cheese Noel got last week.   As the kids play, Noel enjoys some coffee as we talk about our week and day.  Noel has plans to go to the Bush Bazaar with friends but the trip is put on hold due to unexpected visitors at our friend’s house.  Instead he rides his bike to the French Bakery to get some bread for lunches this week.   Somehow 4 donuts make it back to our house along with a few other things.   

Now as I sit here after lunch, I hear the sound of David playing with our neighbors outside and Winter whistling whatever tune is in her head.  Noel has gone to music practice for the service tomorrow and I am in need of finishing some grading and lesson plans.  Who knows what the rest of the day will hold but so far it is turning out to be a peaceful Thursday.  Blessings to you all as you finish out your week and head into your weekend.

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