Our First Week of School

We survived and enjoyed our first week of school.  David is in 5th grade and has already started plotting with a friend what they will do for their science fair project.  So far he hasn’t really had homework which is all right with him.  His teacher Ms. Brill is actually from the Dallas area.  Winter is in 8th grade and has stepped up to the challenge of changing classes and keeping up with all the homework that is assigned.  Thursday morning (our Saturday) Winter and a friend worked on homework.  She can’t understand why that made her mom laugh.   Her favorite class so far is Physical Science and was amazed the first day when Mr. Jensen hardly talked but just wrote on the overhead.  She says it is harder than she thought it would be but likes it alot.   I (Teresa) am enjoying teaching again.  I start off my mornings at the school closest to our house where I teach 4th/5th grade math.  Last week I only had two students but this week will have 4.   We tried to spice up the first chapter of the book by learning about the binary system.   From my first school I am picked up and taken to the international school where Winter and David attend.  I work on planning and other teacher details until lunch.  After lunch I begin my classes.   I teach Geometry, Algebra I, and Consumer Math.  My biggest class is the Algebra class of which Winter is one of my students.   Except for three students, all my students are Afghan.    I thought I would get less chance to speak Dari since the schools are both English speaking schools but have found fun opportunities to converse with the guard at the first school while waiting for my ride and even talking in dari to the drivers.   The pictures below are of Winter and David ready for school their first day and their “bus” to school.  

4 thoughts on “Our First Week of School”

  1. I am glad everyone enjoyed school. Kalyn and Jack start school next week in Florida. Our schools here started this past week. Makes for a lot more traffic when I go to work. Your bus is nothing like our big yellow buses here. How many kids ride the bus? Take care and be safe. Love you all, Mom and Nana

  2. Thanks for the newsy update! We love learning what everything is like over there.
    Love and miss you guys!

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