A Girls’ Outing

img_0896On Thursday morning, Winter and I joined the other girls  on our team on an outing to get fitted for some Tajik/Afghan type outfits.    The ladies here in Tajikistan wear colorful dresses with a loose fitting pant underneath.  In other parts of Central Asia, ladies will wear a long shirt almost down to their knees over pants,   A new friend from another organization came along to introduce us to her friend who is a seamstress and to help with interpretation if needed.  Luckily, our seamstress is also a Tajik language teacher so we were able to communicate fairly well.    The seamstress lead us to an outdoor sitting area that was up off the ground a ways and covered to keep out the sun.  It had a low table and our seating was pillow type mats called korpachas.  One at a time we showed her the material we had bought and discussed what type of outfit we would like.  She then would measure us, ask questions and offer suggestions.   After everyone had been measured, our hostess offered us tea.   We gladly obliged even though it seemed a little warm for hot tea.  She set out a tray with cookies, candies and some homemade preserves along with some non which is the bread here.  The strawberry and raspberry preserves were delicious.  We found out that instead of putting the preserves on your bread you should tear off a piece and dip it in the preserves.    It is also interesting to note that the traditional tea cups here do not have handles.   Lastly,  your non should always be face up.  All of us ladies enjoyed the fun time of talking in Tajik and English as we got to know our hostess better.   We found out that she knows not only English and Tajik but also Russian and Uzbek.  After admiring her beautiful garden, she told us that her husband was a gardener.  It was a privilege to meet this woman and get a glimpse of her life here in Tajikistan.    Teresa 


3 thoughts on “A Girls’ Outing”

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity to get to know people, culture, customs and language all in one setting! God is good to provide things like that for you.
    Love you guys!

  2. I really have enjoyed the pictures and stories. I want to say a special “Hi” to Winter. I LOVE your room! I saw your American doll there in the picture. You know that I love those dolls! We miss you at church, of course. We are now having 3 services on Sunday, because we’re getting crowded. I used a “princess” puppet the other day to tell the story of Ester and the kids loved it, but as usual, I don’t have a great “stage hand” like I USED TO with you. It will be promotion Sunday next week, so we will get new kids and say “Good Luck” to the kids going on to kindergarten. Please know that I think of you often and pray for you and your whole family. I love you. Glad you’re having fun and I would love to learn a few words in Persian from you!

    Mrs. Shue

  3. Can’t wait to see photos of the finished product…you both will be fabulous!
    Cathy Caylor

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