Did anyone order Sweet and Sour Grapes?

img_0887We spent a few hours this morning harvesting many of the grapes that are growing on our property.  Most were finally ready.  We’ve been tasting them over the past several weeks, waiting for the perfect time.  They are only good for a week or so and then the birds get at them.  It was quite an adventure.  Noel climbed up a ladder and cut the grapes.  Teresa and the children waited below to catch them when they fell.  Winter and David also laid them out to wash off the ants and dirt.  They would also taste every few clusters to seperate them into sweet and sour piles.  They threw out the sour grapes and kept the sweet ones.  However, we are finding that ocassionally a sour grape or two made it past our inspection.  We will be eating some and sharing the rest with our neighbors and language helpers.  Enjoy the pictures!  David is especially proud of capturing an actual cluster of grapes falling from the vine. 


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