A Long Week with a Happy Ending

It has been a full week for our family.  School is in full force.  Dari language lessons are continuing plus Noel has an added Tajik lesson on Tuesday and Thursdays.   Noel had lots of language practice.  First with our electric guy because their was a miscommunication about the bill and when it should be paid.   Next, Noel was invited on Sunday night to a dinner to break the Ramazn fast at our neighbors.    Lastly Noel was volunteered by his wife to get fish tank supplies for David’s teacher.   Teresa’s challenges were more emotional – balancing studying time and taking care of my family.    Also it has been a challenge for me to continue to try speaking with others in Tajik/Dari because they don’t always understand what I am trying to say.     Winter’s challenge was in keeping up with her full schedule at school especially since her online writing class has started.   So far, she is doing a good job of staying on task and getting things completed when they need to be.      It has been a long week for others on our team as some have battled sickness and challenges that come from living in a different country. 

So today our team decided to go to a village called Varzob just outside of Dushanbe.  It is about a 20 minute ride along the Varzob River with a great view of the hills that surround Dushanbe.  Our destination was a tea house there.   We were seated outside in view of the river.  There was no menu.  The ladies just seemed to keep bringing food with some guidance from our team until we finally had to ask them to stop.  We had osh soup, mantus, a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs, a plate of melon and grapes and of course non.   Oh, I must not forget the tea.  David really likes tea.  On the way home he informed me he had six cups at the tea house.  

We enjoyed this time together just chatting about life and enjoying the view.  It was a great end to a long week.


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  1. Glad you had a nice ending to your long week. May God continue to bless you with moments of peace, rest and rejuvenation just when you need it!
    Love you!

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