10 Signs…

10 signs you know you are adjusting to life in Tajikistan

1.  Your favorite soft drink is RC Cola.

2.  Your son wants to be a Marshuka driver when he grows up.  (A Marshuka is a little van.)

3.  Your daughter thinks that a Marshuka ride is better than going to Six Flags.

4.  Your daughter suddenly likes wearing brightly colored outfits. 

5.  When your son wears the same outfit three days in a row, you just think he is trying to fit in with the culture here.

6.  Your kids actually start eating green peppers, cucumbers and egg plant in the dishes that you fix.

7.  You learn to sift your grains and beans from the market so that you don’t get rocks in your teeth.

8.  You walk 20 minutes in the morning so that you can have fresh non (bread) for the day. 

9.  You remember that 30 degrees celsius is not below  freezing but is actually a warm day.

10. Your kids think they are rich.  Instead of getting an allowance of $10 every two weeks, they get 40 somoni every two weeks (exchange rate equals $9.80).

2 thoughts on “10 Signs…”

  1. Life is simpler, isn’t it? Back to the basics. Some basics I can do without. I don’t like rocks in my beans. Jack keeps asking when Winter and David are coming. Love, Mom and Nana Fouts

  2. This is great! I smiled as I read this list. RC Cola was the only soda we had at my house when I was a kid. 🙂

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