David and Winter’s First Week of School


On Monday, Winter and David began school at Silk Road Academy.  It is a small school and set up sort of like the country school my mom talks about attending when she was a  young girl.  David is in the 4th -6th grade class and has 6 students in his class.  His teacher, Ms. Deanna is from Pennsylvania and has also taught school in Russia.  Winter is in the Jr High class which has 3 girls.  Her class is set up as independent study for each girl.  They will do math and Bible together and sometimes work on English or science at the same time.   For Jr High, the moms coordinate helping out and supervising the girls.  My time slot is MWF for a few hours in the morning.  I am in charge of the math portion and making sure Winter stays on track with her other subjects.  Winter hasn’t decided whether she should call me Mrs. Fouts at school or mom. 

So far, Winter and David love school and were not ready for their first day off today ( Tajikistan’s Independence Day).   They have already made friends and enjoy the interactions with others their age.  The school is about a 15 minute walk so we are blessed with being close by.  Our family is thankful for God’s provision with the kids’ schooling.  They will even have the opportunity two days of week to learn language with a tutor at the school.

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  1. We are glad to hear of a great start for school! That is a wonderful answer to prayer!
    Love you!

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