A MAF Legacy

This past weekend we honored and said good bye to a couple who has been on the field for almost 40 years.  Larry and Sharon spent most of the last year home on medical leave and had returned to close up their house and say good byes.  Sharon grew up in Ecuador and her family actually knew Elizabeth Elliot and her family.   She went to college determined not to marry a pilot and fell in love with Larry who was studying to be a pilot.  After being accepted by MAF,  Larry and Sharon served in the DRC, Mali, and at least one other place in Africa before coming to Afghanistan 8 years ago.  Larry’s knowledge of the King Air and other procedures has been an invaluable resource to our team here.   He was the go to guy on maintenance and many other issues.  Sharon taught fourth grade at the International School and even had David as a student for a few months when we moved here from Tajikistan.  Her wisdom as a teacher has been greatly missed this year since many of our new teachers are in their first or second year of teaching.   Both Larry and Sharon are  known for their hospitality and being honorary grandparents to the children on the team.

I will miss Sharon not only as a colleague but also as a friend.  We spent many of our breaks going together to Chicken street for gifts, the Bush Bazaar to find bargains or even the beauty salon for a cheap pedicure.  I could rely on her wisdom on school and family issues.  She was my walking buddy for the Thursday morning bible study we attended.  I will even miss her telling the school driver how to drive and how she was always forgetting to wear her head scarf.  I admire her trust in God and faithfulness throughout the years.  She mentored me more by her actions than her words even though she didn’t mind giving advice now and then.

So now Larry and Sharon are off on a new adventure of adjusting to life in the US and getting to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.  Pray for continued healing for Larry whose health is still not very good.  Pray that God will show them the new path He has for them.  We are blessed and thankful that they were and still are in many ways a part of our team here.  T.

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