Cricket and Other Things

Spring break was just what we needed.  Poor Noel had a busy week flying and doing his regular work but the rest of us enjoyed some down time and getting caught up on things around the house.  Our week started off with Naw Ruz and a visit to my friend Aquilla’s house to enjoy some Hafte Mewah with her and her family.  It was a nice time of chatting about all different subjects and understanding more about Afghanistan.

On Saturday Noel went to work.  The kids and I spent time cleaning out their rooms and getting caught up on things around the house.  David had lots of time to hang with friends.  Winter had some school work from being gone but mostly enjoyed hanging out at home and helping me do some shopping.  I was able to finish a lego blanket for David that I was working on since July.  Personally it was good for me to have time to regroup, pray and have some extra time with God so I could finish the school year strong.

I even learned how to make strawberry jam with my next door neighbour swiss style.  It was fun to get to hang out with her plus have some jam to take home.

Our last day of break was Easter Sunday which included a morning worship time, brunch with friends, and some time outside.

Here is a picture of Winter and the two sweet girls she sometimes babysits.

Our first week back was only three days.  Even though it went well I was glad that it was only three days.  I also saw that the trees we planted during week without walls already have buds on them.  The week ended with a guest speaker for my consumer math class and a game of cricket.  They even let me try to bat.

Just a few prayer request before I go.  For many reasons, we are down to three pilots for this week.  Pray for safety and wisdom in meeting the needs of our clients.  Also pray for Daniel and Chris as they will be ferrying one of our King Airs back from the states.  The King Air has been in the states for renovations.  We can’t wait to get it back into action.  Blessings, Teresa

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