Reflections on Our Week

Our Week without Walls is complete.  For more info on Week Without Walls, go here.  Noel commented that it was kind of ironic that part of week “without” walls included painting a bunch of walls.  But wouldn’t you agree that the walls look great.

Since this was our first time to do Week Without Walls, it was a challenging in week in many ways.  The morning day camps went overall really well.  I would say the majority of the students gave their best effort.  It was good to see many go outside their comfort zone and do things they wouldn’t have normally.  David was in charge of teaching Peace Like a River in our group to the kids.  Each day he became more confident and seemed to be having fun.  Many students who don’t shine in the classroom showed us a new side of themselves.

The first day when the Sozo children left, many wanted to give back their certificates so they could come again.  Each group was only able to attend one day.  Others were sad to go.  We heard many positive comments from the teachers at their school.

The afternoons were a little more challenging as we painted, cleaned, planted trees and some helped in elementary classes.  As long as we had plenty for them to do no problem.  I was able to help with the planting of trees which was fun.  Pray that we live and grow.  In the states, you have a root ball to plant.  Here it is pretty much a stick and a few roots.  My lead student who has planted many trees this way says it will work.  So we will see.

Wednesday afternoon we celebrated with a longer lunch, an awards ceremony, and some games.  Sadly our games were forced indoors when it started to pour down rain.  It had rained off and on all week but thankfully never during the school day until today.  By the end of the afternoon, both teachers and students were extra ready for Spring Break to begin.

Winter made it back from China to Kabul Wednesday afternoon just in time to catch a ride home with us.  She had a great trip. They went to a sister school in China.  They played lots of basketball and were able to improve as a team.  Here they rarely get to play another team but just practice amongst themselves.  One day they spent time in a minority village working at an orphanage.  They helped the children do crafts and also were entertained by the children dancing.   The team was able to eat a lot of Chinese food and also do some shopping.  The girls all stayed with host families.  Winter was able to room with her good friend Haseena and enjoyed getting to know her better.  Here is a picture of her team and the china team they played as well as one at the orphanage.

Now today is not only our first day of break but also Naw Ruz or the New Year for us.  We will spend the day here at home but go visit some friends tomorrow.  So Sol-e-Naw Moberak which means Happy New Year!!  TJ

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