Week Without Walls

This week has been a change of pace for us at school.  Instead of doing regular school, the students are doing service projects all week.  Ideally they would have projects all over town but due to our security situation, the project is coming to us.  Each morning a bus load of Afghan students are brought to our school for the morning.  They are divided into groups of 5 and assigned two student leaders who will lead them around to science, music, PE, and reading.  The students come from a school for street children.   Each day a different group of children get to come.  At the end of the morning, each students gets two pieces of fruit and some naan for a snack.

So tomorrow is day four of this adventure.  David and I are in the music group.  Our task is to teach the four different groups that come through.   David and the other students in our group help the students sing the alphabet song in Dari and English then they teach them head and shoulders, knees and toes as well as Peace like a River.  Next they play some rhythm games with the  kids.  Before we know it, it is time for the group to leave and the next group to come in.  Here are some pictures of the past few days.

In the afternoon, the students are doing different projects around school.  Most of the students are painting walls but some students have been working on murals around the playground.  Here is a picture of a mural in progress.

It has been great for the students to help others, work around the school and even help in the elementary classes.  We have two more days left and are ending the day on Wednesday with a party.

It has been a great week for us.  Maybe a bit more tiring than a regular week for me but it has been good to see the students in a different light.  Of course, I am also ready for Spring break which is next week.


PS: Winter and her basketball team did get to China and are having a great time.  They should be back on Wednesday morning. It was a big answer to our prayers that the girls got their visas.

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