My Valentine’s Day-Kabul Style

This morning I woke up to a warm room-my husband’s valentine gift to me.  This year we put a heater in our room but usually only use it  just to take the chill off the room before going to bed.  This morning he woke up and made me a fire so I could sit and read in bed for a bit.  Thursday is our Saturday so we were able to enjoy a leisurely morning.  Winter even made us crepes for breakfast.  It was nice to just rest and read after a busy week.

Later in the morning, Noel and I headed to the bazaar to find the eye place that two different friends had recommended.  We headed into the shop and showed the man behind the counter my broken glasses.  Even though we had my old prescription, we decided to get my eyes checked since it has been four years.  We followed the man out of the shop to two doors done and down some steps into a room where he has his equipment set up.  If I had been just new to Kabul it might have been a little unusual but somehow it seemed normal.  I was glad Noel was with me even though the man was very professional.  He checked my eyes by putting lenses into this pair of glasses and seeing which is better.  It was all old school but it worked. Next we picked out my frames and decided what type of lenses I need.  Here’s a picture of me and my new glasses.  What do you think?

Since Winter and David were babysitting for our neighbors next door, Noel decided to make me supper and try out his new pasta maker he received for Christmas.   He spent the afternoon making noodles.

We had a yummy supper of pasta, bread, and coke.  It was great to have a whole day hanging out with my prince charming.  T

3 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day-Kabul Style”

  1. Wow! What a great day, and what a sweet hubby!
    Love your new specs!
    Thanks for sharing your life and your photos!
    Love and miss you guys!

  2. The glasses look great! I had my eyes checked here in Seattle and the Doc was a woman from Afghanistan. Best exam I have ever had, she was great.

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