Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

At the end of December, we went on a three week, much needed vacation.  We enjoyed time being outdoors, seeing new places and spending time together as a family.  I almost forgot to mention we ate a lot of seafood, pasta and pizza.  For those of you who get our picture of the week, you know we came back to a cold house with no electricity.  Our first week back was full of Noel getting things fixed and learning a new role at the airport and me and the kids heading back to school a day later than planned due to a security incident.   So now here we are in February almost 4 weeks into the semester.  I have come to learn that February is an endurance month for us.  We are ready for Winter to be over and everything seems to take twice as much energy and time than you think it would.  So in my quest of combating the negativity that wants to take over thought I would share some highlights of the past two months.

1. Winter turned 16.  She is a joy to have in the family.  Her days have been busy keeping up with her tough course load at school, preparing for a Basketball trip in March, and working behind the scenes for the school play.  She still plays her violin and serenades us with her new songs.

2. Our school is back at full staff and I am back to my regular schedule which is a bit short of full time.  Since we have a lot of turn over at our school, I have been asked to make sure our curriculum documents are in order to help make transitions easier for the new teachers.  The documents will give the teachers teaching ideas plus how to pace their class.

3. Noel is enjoying his new role at the airport as flight supervisor with all its challenges.  Last week was challenging with all the snow but with the team work of the whole staff both expat and national, they were able to get everyone where they needed to go.   Many transitions are taking place in the next month but everyone is working hard at making it all work.

4. David received the part of white rabbit in the school play, Alice in Wonderland. Although the play won’t be until May, he has already started memorizing his lines.  He has been a big help to me and Noel around the house by bringing in extra wood and getting fires started for us.  He has even been found in the kitchen helping his mom fix supper.

5. This past week I was able to make new local friends as I participated in an English speaking tea that was held at my school.  One of the ladies also has a son in David’s class.

6. Overall by God’s grace, our family has stayed well this Winter season and are trying to stay that way by eating healthy and taking our vitamins.

7. Lastly we are thankful for the opportunities God sends our way each day whether it is taking extra time with a student, praying with and for a friend, or working with a national team member.  Pray with us that God will continue to work in this place and draw this people to him.   Teresa

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  1. Thanks for the newsy update! We will be praying as you have asked.
    Love and miss you guys!

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