December in Kabul

The past few weekends have been full of Christmassy things.  Last Thursday all the ISK teachers gathered for a brunch at my house for the annual chadaar exchange.  ( A chadaar is the scarf we wear here.) I provided the house and hot water for drinks and they brought all the goodies.  My house was chosen because it was off campus so even though it wasn’t practical for all of them to come to me instead of vice versa, they were excited to be outside their compound.   We all had our chadaars wrapped and set them under my tree.  Some were wrapped real pretty and some with just a plastic bag since wrapping paper is kind of scarce here.  After eating lots of yummy food and laughing and talking the exchange took place.  It works much like a white elephant exchange.  It is always fun to see different parts of personalities come out.  Last year each teacher was pretty much on her own in trying to plot and get a scarf she liked.  This year they seemed to team up.  In the end, I would say everyone even the ones who weren’t able to make it had a scarf that they liked and fit their personality.  I somehow ended up with two in my package. Here are a few pictures of the event.

Two teachers plotting how to get the scarf they want.
All the lady teacher minus two who weren't able to come

The next day was the Lady’s Christmas luncheon.  It is a time for any ladies who can speak English to get together and enjoy some good food, hear a speaker, and sing Christmas carols.  I sat at a table with my friend Marian and her English conversation class that I had helped with this summer.  The girls enjoyed learning what Christmas is about and hearing the Christmas carols especially Silent Night.  There is a tradition that Silent Night is sung in as many languages as possible so it was even sung in Dari.  It was good for me to reconnect with these ladies since I have not seen them in while.  Pray for them because at least two of them are seeking.  Pray that they will be seeking Jesus not just wanting to be what they think is more western. Here are a few pictures of my table.

This weekend our fellowship had its Christmas service at the Serena Hotel.  This makes it possible for those who can’t always come or might just come because it is for Christmas to attend.  Noel was busy Wednesday  night and Thursday working on music and practicing with other musicians.  Then on Friday morning just after 7, we headed to the hotel with a full load of people and equipment.  After getting through security, the boys set up while Winter and I joined the pastor’s wife for some tea in the coffee shop there.  At 10:00 everyone was practiced and ready to go.  The service was full of a children’s choir, adult choir, bible readings, and carols as a well as a few words from our pastor.  It was nice to worship together in the middle of Kabul.  We don’t take pictures at events like this but I did take a quick shot of Winter and Kate.  Kate’s mom was singing so we helped out a bit with keeping Kate occupied.

Hope your Christmas is going well.  Just one more week for us and we go on Christmas break.  Blessings, T

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