A Visit to ELWA Hospital

One of our new friends here is the director of the hospital.  So when my big toe started giving me problems, I took a picture of it and sent the picture to him to get his opinion.  He knew right away what it was but I would need a prescription.  He was willing to write me a prescription if I would stop by the hospital to get it.


The hospital is in walking distance of where we live so the next morning I walked there hoping to get there and back without getting caught in a downpour.  Upon arriving at the hospital, I had to wash my hands.  This is standard procedure for entering most buildings here in Liberia.  Hand washing has been a big help for the country in cutting down on the spread of sickness.  Next I walked over to the check in counter where I told them what my business at the hospital was.   After finding out why I was there, they took my temperature and pointed me in the right direction.

If I was a patient there for a diagnosis, I would go through a check in procedure and then go to the cash window to pay for my visit up front.  The visit would be $20 USD. Then the patient is taken to a room where they would talk with a nurse or doctor that would take their blood pressure, weight and ask them more detailed questions-much like you would in the states.  Next the patient wait to see the doctor.  The hospital is very clean and professional but the waiting room can get warm as it does not have any AC or fans.  If after seeing the doctor,  the patient needs lab work or medicine, once again the patient would pay up front for the lab work to be done or the prescription fulfilled.

On this day,  I was able to just pick up my prescription, and our doctor friend gave me a quick tour of the facility.   In between the rain, I was able to get across to the pharmacy and get my prescription.  Of course, this was after I paid for it first. Here is what my prescription came in.   Can you tell that I need to take it in the morning and evening?


ELWA hospital was founded by SIM in 1965.  For more information, click here.  ELWA hospital and Samaritan’s Purse were instrumental in the fight against Ebola.  Some of the projects now are focused on Ebola survivors who are often outcasts and not fully accepted back into their circle of family and friends.  Here is story that Samaritan’s Purse released that highlights some of these survivors.  It gives a brief history of ebola and describes how Ebola affected each of these survivors. The stories for me were good to read because I often forget that once the main crisis is over, it doesn’t mean that life goes back to normal.  It is a privilege to be a part of the work that Samaritan’s Purse is doing here.

Currently, SIM and Samaritan’s Purse are partnering together to build a new ELWA hospital.  Construction is suppose to be completed sometime this summer with a grand opening in the fall.   Pray that this project can stay on track with rainy season and many other delays.  Pray for the workers to have endurance as they complete this project.  We will keep you posted in the months ahead on the progress.   

Blessings,  Teresa

PS David made it.  We are enjoying having him around.  Hopefully in future posts, you will get to enjoy seeing some of David’s pictures as he works on his photography skills this summer.

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