A Day with Dad

A day with dad starts early.  Some would say at the crack of dawn since we were out the door heading to the airport at 6:00 am.  The drive took 20 minutes.  Upon arrival, we went through security and drove the truck to the Samaritan’s Purse hanger. IMG_4170

Once in the hanger, dad introduced me to the staff there.  There is Levi, who takes care of booking and logistics.  Joshua does flight dispatch and finance.  While Sammy and Francis help take care of things around the hanger.  Each morning starts with devotions.  This morning Levi led the discussion.  Currently the staff is going through a discipleship curriculum called SALT.


The flight for today was to Foya, a small village in the northwest corner of Liberia. This is a regular destination for SP (Samaritan’s Purse) who have multiple projects going on up in that region. The helicopter also services this village by sling-loading materials for building projects and such.


The flight took almost an hour and the visibility was low so it was a slight challenge as we saw the runway only a minute or two before landing. This time of year the clouds are lower and create challenging flying conditions. Once there we helped unload our passenger’s belongings as well as packed up our new passenger’s cargo of fruit and personal belongings.


The flight back was uneventful and the landing smooth. We helped pack up the plane and my dad did some paperwork before we ate lunch. Lunch was rice with what they call “peanut chicken” which was delicious. After lunch my dad spent time answering emails and making phone calls before we left at around 2:30. Though on normal days he stays later I think he didn’t want me to get bored with nothing to do.


Overall it was an enjoyable experience and was informational on what SP does in different regions of the country and how they get people and materials from place to place.


Post and Pictures by David Fouts

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  1. Wow David,
    Great report and I can see your intelligence and organizational ability showing through. It is also obivious that you paid attention when your teacher was going through grammer and composition. Keep up the good work.

  2. Always love to see through the eyes of a teenager. Thanks for sharing!!

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