An Afghan Family

It is over a week after the suicide bomber at the Finest Grocery store.   Last night on the way home from school, one of Winter’s classmates said that his dad was going to the Finest grocery store near us that night.  Different comments were made back and forth about the incident last week and the security of the other Finest stores now.  Then the driver turned to me and told me that he knew a family of 6 who had died in the attack.  He was related to them.  This family was highlighted in The New York Times and was working hard to bring peace to their country.   Here is a link to the  article if you are interested.    It remined me of the need for balance in my life.   When tragedy happens, it is important to take some time to grieve even if it doesn’t affect me personally.  On the other hand, dwelling on these things would not be healthy.  With so much tragedy in the world, it is hard to grieve or feel for every thing that happens.  Even living here, it is easy to disassociate yourself from the pain of tragedy.  I can think I didn’t know anyone in the attack or I never go to that store.   The question is do I want to do that?  When a student comes up to me and tells me his mom wanted to go to Finest that afternoon but he couldn’t go with her because he had homework.  I want to be able to feel.  I want to say that I am glad that he and his family are okay.  When a driver tells me his family has been affected by tragedy, I want him to know I am sorry.   Today I am taking my grief to God and asking him once again to shine his love on this people and bring them peace that only God can give.

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